Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trooper Nathan...

Nathan had his third scope with biopsies done today and also go this PEG tube switched out to the AMT Mini One Balloon Button. He did great! Thanks to the many prayers being sent our way today! Dr. Williams said that his esophagus looked good, so we are hopeful that the biopsies will second that. This will be excellent news which may mean that avoiding the top 8 allergens will allow Nathan to be symptom free! That is still a challenging diet to follow, but so much better than having him take a steroid just so he can tolerate his food.

We are so excited about the AMT button!!! We can already tell that it is going to be so much better than his PEG tube! It's so nice not having a tube constantly dangling from his tummy. Hooking him up for his feed tonight went smoothly! 

 I will post about the biopsy results when we hear from the doctor, hopefully no later than Monday. At that point we will be scheduling an appointment with Dr. Irani, Nathan's Allergist, to determine which foods may be good to trial next. It is so exciting knowing that there is such great hope that Nathan will be able to manage his EE by diet and not steroids. Please continue to pray for this as we have learned from many others that what works for a while may not always work.

Here are some photos from our day, enjoy!

Such a patient patient, waiting to be called back.

Sleepy Nathan in the recovery room.

Buckled in and ready to head home.

Nathan's new tummy!

Nathan checking it out for the first time.

All hooked up for his first feed! It went great!