Sunday, July 31, 2011

No News Is Good News...

That's always been my philosophy, at least. It's my excuse for not being very good about posting these days.

Nathan is doing well and drinking his EleCare like a champ these days, we haven't used his g-tube for a feeding for almost one whole week now! It's exciting, but at the same time a strange feeling because we were relying so heavily on his feeding tube not too long ago to get those precious calories in him. We are thankful he is so eager to drink on his own these days, but this does not mean we can get rid of the g-tube just yet. He is scheduled for his next scope on August 17 and he will also have the PEG tube switched to the AMT Mini One balloon button that day. We are praying that Nathan will continue to take all of his nutrition by mouth, but know that at any time he could revert back to his old ways and not feel like eating, so it is important for the feeding tube to remain for future times like that.

We started giving him raisins this past week, he LOVES them! It's nice to finally have an easy snack that I don't have to cook, chop, and prepare for him to eat it. It's also great since I can just throw a few boxes in the diaper bag when we are out and not worry about keeping them cold like I have to for his other foods! I sure hope that he doesn't have a reaction to them down the road, because this is truly his first "favorite" that we can tell, and he would be heartbroken if we ever had to take them away.

I was just thinking the other day that it's been about 5 weeks since we've taken Nathan to the doctor for a sick visit. This is a record since he started getting sick last September! We are hoping that this continues and that we can start visiting the doctor for well visits and routine checkups with his allergist and gi doctor only. :o) I am going to call the pediatricians office tomorrow to schedule his 18 month well visit with Dr. Terry for August. I can't believe that our sweet baby is almost 18 months old!!! He is getting so big and we are so proud of him!
Nathan sleeping with his big boy pillow!

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