Thursday, September 1, 2011

Results Are In...

Nathan's last scope biopsy results are in: ZERO eosinophils!!!

This is just plain amazing news! Nathan had been off of the Pulmicort slurry steroid for 7 weeks prior to this scope. This means that avoiding the top 8 allergens is working for Nathan right now and his eosinophilic esophagitis is being controlled by diet  alone at this point! From everything we have learned about EoE since this all began, we knew this could be possible, but that it would be a fairly small chance of it being the only treatment that he would need to control this. We know that it wouldn't be possible without God and all the prayers that each of you keeping up with our sweet Nathan have been feverishly praying! So please, keep sending those prayers up!

Nathan's food list is growing just about as quickly as he is! He has now passed, pears, green beans, squash, carrots, bananas, and raisins! We have moved to a meat finally and Nathan has been enjoying chicken for a little over a week now! So far, so good, and we are praying that it will continue so that he can keep eating it! We will be following up with Dr. Williams (GI) in October to assess how things are going, unless we notice Nathan having a problem with something before then.

Nathan's EoE buddy, Tyler in Arizona, had his scope the Monday following Nathan's. Unfortunately, his esophagus didn't look too good this time. He has been eating very few foods, hardly showing an interest in eating actually, and drinking/being tube fed EleCare. You can read about his story here. I have been in close contact with his mom Julia, and we have become very close these last 2 months! Thank goodness for cell phones, texting, and Facebook! :o) It has been more than comforting being able to share this journey with someone else who knows first hand what life is like dealing with a limited diet, EleCare, g-tubes, feeding pumps that go beep all night long, and soaking wet crib sheets and baby boys when things become disconnected in the middle of the night.

Another friend of mine that I know from high school, her son was just scoped this past Thursday by Dr. Williams in search for EoE. Biopsy results aren't back yet, but visually according to Dr. Williams, he has classic EoE signs. It's heartbreaking to learn of another child being diagnosed with this! I dislike that he may possibly have this doggone disease, but I am so thankful to be able to offer her understanding and support. I guess the silver lining is starting to show through in all of this craziness for me! I would have loved knowing someone at the time of Nathan's diagnosis, it would have made it feel so much less of a lonely place to be. I feel blessed that I may get to be that person for someone else.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and for all of your love and prayers sent our way! Please add these other two precious boys to your prayers as well! 


  1. Congratulations! Go Nathan! I'm so excited for all of you and his continued good health.

  2. Great news! I just started following your blog, my son was recently diagnosed with EE (he's 14m old) and I'm feeling very lost and bewildered! This is giving me some hope!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog url with me! DS let me through one post;) He's 21 mo. and we're currently top 8 free...hoping for a clear scope in Nov.

  4. I've not been a good friend and have failed to keep up with your blog :( I see that you mentioned me! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!