Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Appointment With Dr. Williams...

We saw Dr. Williams today for a routine GI check up, I was ever so thankful we had this appointment scheduled so long ago since Nathan has been having problems for the last two weeks. Ever since trialling eggs March 10 - March 20, Nathan has been coughing and gagging all night long and has lost his interest in food. Some days are good with his eating and some days not so much. A good day would consist of eating a pear or banana a few raisins, and 4-5 bites of chicken throughout the entire day plus drinking 15-20 ounces of his EleCare. A not so good day would consist of Nathan drinking 24 ounces of EleCare (which is only 50% of his daily calorie requirement), but picking at or flat out refusing any food presented to him.

So the plan right now is to switch nasal sprays (he's been on Nasonex since October 2011) and see if that helps. Dr. Williams is hoping that part of the problem is environmental allergies since they are so bad this time of year. He was supposed to contact Dr. Irani, Nathan's allergist to collaborate with her about which nasal spray to switch him to. I am hoping I get a call tomorrow that the decision has been made and I can go pick up his new Rx from the pharmacy.

We will then give it two weeks to see if Nathan's symptoms clear completely or greatly improve, if so we will continue on like we have been doing and move on to our next food trial, if not we will schedule a scope immediately and they will take a look and see what his esophagus looks like and do more biopsies. If we end up doing the scope and the biopsies come back with eosinophil counts I'm not sure what we'll do (well, I am, but I don't want to think about it... Nathan will be losing foods and it's not going to be easy on any of us). He's already so tired of eating the same foods day in and day out and so sad when he sees us or someone eating something that he can't have. I don't blame him, but how do you explain this to a two year old? We try, but he just doesn't understand right now. 

I'll be sure to post an update once we know more... we are praying for good news! Thanks to everyone who continues to pray for Nathan and our family! 


  1. Are you switching him to Flonase? Jack has been taking that for allergies and it is helping a lot. Also Singular and Zyrtec when the pollen is as bad as it is now. We have an appointment with Dr. Williams in early May. Wish us luck and I will be praying for Nathan.

  2. Flonase was Dr. Williams first thought, but he wanted to collaborate with Dr. Irani first to make sure she'd be on board with that. I am hoping they have decided and I can get him started on it today! Nathan is also on Claritin. His lungs always sound clear when they listen to him, so Singular has never been discussed. Thanks for your continued support and prayers!