Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patience is a Virtue...

We have an appointment with Dr. Anne-Marie Irani, an allergist, at VCU on April 6th. That appointment cannot get here fast enough! Nathan has been on an Elemental Diet since March 16th and we are just as ready as he is to be able to eat food again! Even if it's just one food for now, we will all be happy campers! Mark and I are eating in secret, because there is just no good way to explain to a 13 month old why they can't have what you are eating. It breaks my heart to see him get upset over food, so it's just easier on all of us to handle it this way right now.

By the way... Nathan has been tolerating his EleCare since Monday. :o) Thank goodness all it was was the strep making him vomit this go round!

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