Monday, April 4, 2011

Visit with Dr. Terry...

Just got home from Dr Terry's office. Nathan had a low-grade fever last night and he has continued to cough and sneeze non-stop ever since he was diagnosed with strep throat last weekend. Thinking back he has been coughing and sneezing for weeks now, with this past week just being worse than normal. Fearful that the strep had returned we took him to the doctor this morning. The good news is that his strep test came back negative today. Dr. Terry thinks that Nathan just caught a cold virus right after getting rid of the strep. :o( Poor Nathan. I hate that he is constantly sick these days. But like always, he is a trooper and still manages to smile in between coughs, sneezes, and us chasing him around with a tissue wiping his nose at least once every five minutes. Dr. Terry said that we should be able to go forward with Nathan's allergy testing on Wednesday as long as he isn't running a fever. I pray that nothing delays this allergy testing. We are all so anxious to be able to offer Nathan a food of some sort and we can't do that until we get this testing done and the results back.


  1. it's always nice to know that there are others out there going through what we are. I am anxious to hear how the allergy testing goes and what your list of safe foods are. I will follow your blog and keep little nathan in my prayers ,it's o hard as a mom when it's your first instinct to feed your child and you can"t

  2. Thank you for your prayers! I am so happy to learn that we are not alone with this struggle! It's a very hard thing not to be able to feed my son food, food has always been a huge part of our family and it's going to be a task for all of us to learn that food doesn't have to be the focus of every gathering. It's hard, and it's complicated to explain to others who have never heard of EE. So many people begin telling me stories of how their child or one they know suffers from a food allergy, and it's so frustrating because EE is so much more than that! I look forward to learning more about this from you and others who have gone down this road before us.