Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nathan's Home...

After an exhausting two and a half days at the hospital we are finally home. You would never know that Nathan just had a G-tube placed 2 days ago... he's just as rambunctious as he always has been. In fact, the fact that he's so active right now has me constantly worried that he's going to fall on his stomach and hurt himself. So far, so good and I hope it will stay that way. When Nathan got the NG tube one of my worst fears was him pulling it out. I can tell you now that was silly of me and a pulled out NG is no biggie. But a pulled out G-tube... that's something to worry about... although it's being held in very securely I'm told, I don't want there to be any testing of how much tugging it can withstand.

We are currently waiting to hear whether or not The Pediatric Connection (our home health supply company) is able to get this G-tube protector belt for Nathan... in blue, of course, not pink. It has a round cover that velcros over the opening to protect it, yet allow for easy access for feedings.
Benik G-tube Protector Belt
If our supply company can't get it, I think we can contact the company that makes them and pay out of pocket for it, which we will gladly do knowing it's going to protect Nathan's tummy, prevent the need for constant tape on his tummy, and keep him cooler than it would by wrapping him with an ace wrap to keep it concealed. It will be especially nice for when he is at daycare too, since they don't do any tube feeds while he is there.

Another thing we are anxiously waiting on right now are Nathan's biopsy results. Dr. William's said that they should be back Monday (tomorrow!) or Tuesday this week. I apologize for not mentioning anything about the scope Nathan had on Friday along with getting the G-tube. My last few posts were written in haste due to complete exhaustion from working eight days straight before Nathan's surgery, and then being in the hospital all weekend with him. Plus, the G-tube was the "big deal" this time around. Looking back at them and re-reading them, I'm noticing that I've left out some details of our stay. Anyway... Dr. Williams said Nathan's  esophagus looked better than it did last time (3 months ago), no signs of inflammation at all. This is good news and we are hopeful it means that his biopsy results will be good news too. Yet, we do know with this darn thing called EE, you can have the most beautiful, normal looking esophagus during the scope and still have a high eosinophil count. So we are hopeful, but we haven't started jumping for joy just yet. 

Thanks a million to everyone thinking good thoughts and sending up those powerful prayers for us these last few days. Mark and I are handling all of this better than we ever could have imagined. God truly does give us the strength to endure even in difficult times when life just doesn't make sense. He also sends angels  from out of nowhere when you need someone who understands exactly what it is you are going through right in this moment better than anyone else... thank you for being there for us Julia, Efren, and especially little Tyler! We made some lifelong friends this weekend with a family we have never even met, and have been blessed by the kindness and love they have poured upon us these last few days.


  1. Wow!!! He has done really great after his surgery. How cute that he looked in his shirt at his tube. Fingers crossed for good results on the scope.

  2. Congrats on the no inflammation in his esophagus! That g-tube belt definitely looks worth the cash. Accessories are always fun:) I've got my fingers crossed too for a 0 eos count!

  3. Insurance wouldn't pay for the belt... I won't complain too much since they cover his EleCare 100%! I just got off the phone with the company ( they were wonderful to talk to and very helpful! Nathan's belt should be here in 2 weeks!!! :o)