Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick Update...

Today will be Nathan's first day back at daycare since getting his g-tube... I know things will be fine, because the daycare is just plain AMAZING, but I'm still a bit worried about it. Nathan has adjusted really well to his tube and isn't hardly phased by it anymore. We will keep it wrapped up and tucked away while he is there since it's only for a few hours and they won't be doing any feedings through it. They did a wonderful job of protecting his NG tube and I know they will do the same with this!

We found it at Target Pharmacy... it's OTC
but you have to ask the pharmacy for it!
Tomorrow is Nathan's 2 week follow up appointment with Dr. Williams, I am excited to talk to him about the next steps for Nathan. Mark and I are sure we want to take him off of the steroid medication and see if his EoE can be controlled by diet alone. This would mean continuing to stay away from the top 8 food allergens, which is fine by us, as long as Nathan continues to find fruits and veggies that work for him. Nathan's stoma was starting to get some granulation tissue this past weekend, but we started using Calmoseptine on it which has finally started making a difference! This morning his tummy look beautiful! The GT  is not completely gone, but I can tell that it is going away and hopefully will stay that way! We will keep using the Calmoseptine  and pray that it will keep it from re-occurring. Today is kind of a big day for Nathan in way of his food trials... he is trialing CHICKEN! I am going to wake him up from his nap soon, and he will be having chicken, carrots, and green beans for his lunch! I am so thankful to finally be able to offer him a complete meal! I am praying that this chicken works and it will be added to the list of safe foods! I am using caution with my excitement in all of this however, because we are very aware that by removing the steroid from his daily regimen of medications could mean that he "fails" the foods he has already "passed" as safe with this last scope. I know chicken is a big problem food for other kids with EoE, so as exciting as it is, it is also a bit scary. But we will just continue as we have and pray that chicken will work and that Nathan's EoE can be controlled by diet alone.

Yummy carrots! Thank you Gigi!
Mom cooked up some whole carrots the other day when she kept Nathan. I have to say that I think they are his new favorite food! We have been reluctant to offer him "solid" food because of his difficulty with chewing and choking on it. But he did wonderful eating these carrots last night! I am happy that he finally has something that he can feed himself! He ate every last one that I put on his plate! 


  1. I saw these once and thought they were such a great idea. They are supposed to help with the granulation. Good luck on the food trials!

  2. SO very very happy for all of you! Hope the chicken goes smoothly.
    Allergy Mum -