Friday, April 15, 2011

21 ounces...

Today was my first day back to work since Nathan got his NG tube. Therfore, it was his first day back to daycare. (If you can call him being there from 2:45pm-6:15pm a day.) I felt as if I was leaving a 6 week old baby for the first time when I left him. I knew he would be fine, but it's just the feeling that I'm not the one watching him and making sure his NG tube is safe.

Everyone at the daycare has been so wonderful with Nathan through all of this. They have accomodated every request that we've had in trying to figure all of this out for Nathan. We could not ask for better people to be caring for our child while we are at work!

Of course, I couldn't wait much more than an hour after leaving him before calling to check in on him to makre sure he was doing well, and that his tube hadn't gone anywhere. :o) They said he was doing great and had 5 of the 8 ounces of EleCare I sent for him to drink. That made me so happy, knowing that brought his total for the day up to 18 ounces! His best day in a while! :o)

I talked to Mark once he and Nathan got home and Mark told me that Nathan had taken the last 3 ounces of his EleCare before he left daycare! I could have done a cartwheel! Nathan drank 21 ounces by mouth today! Woohoo! :o) This was great news because I was a bit discouraged yesterday afternoon when Nathan wouldn't drink and I had to give him a bolus feeding via his tube. It's a strange feeling feeding your child through a tube with a feeding pump while he is asleep... it's an even stranger feeling feeding your child through a feeding tube with a giant syringe connected to the tube taped on his back while he sits in his highchair watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Thinking about the nutrition he was getting helped make it better for me though.

Another great tidbit of the day, is that the home health nurse, Angie, came back out today to do a weight check on Nathan. He's gained 2 ounces in the last 2 days! That means Nathan is finally getting the calories his body needs to grow again!

Praying for a repeat of today tomorrow! :o)


  1. Oh wow that's great, sounds like you guys are finally getting the hang of things around there. Praise all the way around!

  2. What an amazing daycare! I think a pizza delivery might be in order for those wonderful ladies:) And a big congratulations to all of you for his weight gain. And an extra YAHOO! to Nathan for drinking his formula--maybe having other kiddo's around doing the same thing helped remind him that it's way cool to drink formula.

  3. Congratulations on the small victory Dish I'm sure we'll hear more bits of good news soon!
    <3 you all!

  4. Thanks everyone! We are trying to establish a routine in all of this, and so far so good... we are praying for Nathan to continue increasing his daily intake so we can get that tube outta here! :o)