Sunday, April 10, 2011

NG Tube...

Wow... totally not prepared for this day to come this soon. We are st St. Mary's waiting for 8pm to come along. That's when they've decided to put Nathan's NG tube in and begin his continuous feeding overnight tonight. He's just refusing to drink his EleCare, they tried Neocate as a last resort, and he wont drink that either. He's even refusing water.

Mark and I have talked and honestly it's been a constant battle that's been getting harder as these last few days have gone by trying to get Nathan to drink the amount of EleCare that his body needs to thrive. As hard as this decision was on us, we know it will give us peace of mind knowing that Nathan is finally getting the nutrition his body needs to grow. We are ready for this next step, because we know it's bringing us just one step closer to finding a food that our little boy can eat that won't hurt him.

Right now this is planned to be a temporary thing, at least lasting over the next three weeks until we can get his allergy testing completed and get his appetite where back to where he wants to drink.

It's been a long and exhausting day trying to keep a curious 13 month old entertained in the hospital room, he's finally asleep for the moment. I apologize for how poorly put together this post is and for any grammar or spelling errors.

Thanks for the love, prayers, thoughts, and well wishes! They mean so much!


  1. I wish I could Fed-X a casserole:) I'm so glad he's doing well and will be getting the nutrition he needs so you can focus on figuring out what he can eat. Keep us posted!

  2. Awww... thank you! :o) You are so kind! It's hard to watch our baby boy going through all of this, but it's good to know we are on the way to sorting all of this crazy EE stuff out!