Monday, April 11, 2011

One More Night...

Nathan's GI doctor, Dr. Williams, came in to see him today, he is going to contact Dr. Irani, Nathan's allergist, to develop a plan for Nathan, and hopes to discharge him sometime tomorrow.

So not ready to take on this feeding tube at home right now... I pray that once we get home with it, it stays put so this mommy doesn't have to put it back in! Yipes! They haven't instructed us with it yet, I am hoping to feel better about it once I learn more.

Nathan is hanging in there... he has taken 11oz. of the EleCare formula in by mouth so far today... still not great since it's 3:30pm, but that's what this feeding tube is for, he will get a continuous feeding overnight tonight from 8pm-6am.

I am so looking forward to Mark getting here tonight after work... I have a hard enough time keeping Nathan entertained at home and not going on any outings during the day. It's been super difficult entertaining him here. They do have a nice playroom where we went for a bit this morning where they have what appears to be thousands of toys... Nathan loved it, but I wasn't a fan... I had only a hundred or so toys to put away when he was done. :o) Not to mention all of the germs all over them I couldn't get out of my mind! A friend from high school's son was here just down the hall from us.. he is only 5 months older than Nathan so it was nice to have a friend for him to play with for a bit! :o)

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