Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Day Ever...

Nathan managed to squeeze in 2 more ounces of his EleCare before going to bed tonight! Bringing his total for the day to 26 ounces, plus 2 jars of pears! This means no overnight feeding tonight for sure! We are praying for another good day tomorrow, if so, when the home health nurse comes out on Tuesday this week, when we pull Nathan's NG tube to switch sides, I think I will tell her to just leave it out. If for some reason he starts going backwards later on in the week, she is only a phone call away to have her come out to the house and put it back in. Which I am hoping we won't have to do, but it's nice knowing that it won't be a big deal to put it in again if need be. :o) So proud of our tough little cookie!

p.s. So sorry for the lack of photos lately... my computer that has all of the pics on it is acting up, I'll get them posted soon!


  1. Go Nathan!! My fingers are crossed that the NG Tube goes officially into "back-up" status! What a big guy:)

  2. Thanks! He is off to another good start today too! He's had 19oz. and it's only 1:40pm!!! :o) I can see that tube disappearing soon! :o) Can't wait to kiss his little cheek that's been hiding under tape for the last week!