Sunday, April 10, 2011

Such a Tough Guy...

Nathan did great getting his NG tube... fought it a bit, but who wouldn't!? Once they brought him back to us he settled quicker than I thought he would. :o) They just started his feeding about 20 minutes ago, he is tolerating that fine, I'm just worried about him playing with the tube and pulling the connection apart while I am sleeping tonight... the feeding will continue overnight until 630am. It breaks my heart to look at him and watch his "food" flowing through a tube taped in a swirl on his back crawling over his shoulder and up in to his nose. But at the same time I remind myself that he is receiving the nutrition he needs to grow and that takes a bit of the sting away.

Before we leave the hospital they will pull his NG tube out so that they can show us how to put it back in and check for placement of it to make sure it's in is stomach and not in his lungs. A place we definitely don't want to be putting his formula! This is certainly not something I ever thought I would need to learn to do... especially on my own child. But like all things we go through in life, this will become our new normal for us and it will be second nature before we know it.

Most of his blood work came back already, and it's all normal so far except for his iron levels, they are low and have been since he was diagnosed with strep throat a couple of weeks ago. Looking back at his records, his iron has always been on the low end of normal, but still in the normal range nonetheless. We are thinking it's due to his lack of nutrition over these last few months and are hoping it will return to the normal range once these tube feedings are well established.

I can hear Nathan playing in his crib talking to his friends, Curious George and Scout behind the curtain right now. I hope he falls asleep soon, it's way past his bedtime it's after 9pm! He took a late nap and was awakened to have his tube put in... maybe he's afraid to sleep, because he doesn't know what he will be waking up to? At least he's happy for the moment and hopefully, I can close my eyes here soon and get some much needed rest myself.

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