Thursday, May 12, 2011

18 ounces...

Yesterday, Nathan drank 18 ounces on his own... 10 of them by 8 o'clock in the morning!!! The rest of the day he just played around with an ounce here and an ounce there, but 18 is so much better than just 4-5 like he had been doing.

However, we have now experienced a new problem two nights in a row. Nathan is wiggling around enough in his crib at night while hooked up to his feeding pump and is disconnecting his tube. 50cc/hour of EleCare is more than it sounds like when it's going all over your child and their crib! Plus, the fact that what we've just put through the tube is now pouring out of it as well. This NG tube has been in for almost a week... I've noticed that is about the time when the cap doesn't want to stay on them very well... I guess the opening just gets stretched out over time and use. I hate to pull out a perfectly placed NG tube just because of the darn cap, but taping it to hold it together just makes accessing it difficult and very sticky.

Yesterday morning we went to Maymont with some friends. Nathan loved seeing all the animals, especially the pygmy goats! They were his favorite! We walked around for a while, and found a nice shady spot for a picnic lunch! Nathan had bananas for the first time today... we will see how they do over the next two weeks! He LOVED them! They used to be his favorite to eat! The kids were great and had a wonderful time playing together!

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  1. he is so cute, sorry to hear about all the issues with your tube, that's got to be tricky. He looks good, and yum to banannas!