Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Constant Worry...

So I've noticed over the last few days that Nathan has very mild tiny light pink bumps on the back of his neck... I assumed it was a heat rash of sorts and not much else. This morning however, when getting him dressed I noticed that they have now spread to his shoulder and very faintly on his forehead. He has never had a problem with eczema, minus one spell he had when he was just a few weeks old that was fairly short lived.

This is just one more aspect of how tricky this EE can be! Now I am wondering if it is from the apples? He has been eating them now for one week. Do I keep feeding them to him to see if it worsens? Do I stop them now and see if it goes away? I hate not knowing what to do with this... I don't want to make the rash worse, but I don't want to take away the apples if they are not causing it! It's one of only two foods that he can eat right now for crying out loud!

I am trying to remain positive, but this is all so frustrating. We are still in the very early stages of food trials, and I am sure we will have plenty failures to come, but as a mother how do you continue to feed your child something that could be hurting them, and how do you continue to take food away from them? It's a mother's natural instinct to nourish her child, but Nathan's EE is making it a daily struggle for me to act on this instinct. It honestly hurts me that I have to limit Nathan's food in such an extreme way. And now this new worry that what I am feeding him is hurting him just makes me feel worse.


  1. we have the exact same problem, roe has these tiny bumps on the back of his neck.... he screams anytime i put anything on him that has a tag. i have never thought about eczema. like you i thought it was from the heat

  2. I thought of eczema because apparently it is another symptom of EE from what our doctors say... they've asked if he's ever had chronic eczema. Of course he hasn't... but what if he has it now, but it's just a subtle case of it? We haven't changed anything with laundry detergents and none of his clothes have tags. The only new thing are the apples. After talking to my husband about this today we have decided to stop the apples for now and see if it goes away. Here we go one step forward and two steps backwards... welcome to the world of dealing with EE, huh?

  3. My daughter has the same rash right now. It even showed up on her stomach which really freaked me out. With L having EG, I'm watching our baby like a hawk for symptoms. But it's just heat rash, thank goodness! You are right to be diligent though. Hang in there. You can make those apple chips I suggested with pears too:)

  4. Dana,
    So sorry... maybe it was the cinnamon and not the apples...
    Love you guys