Monday, May 2, 2011

So Far So Good...

Nathan has how been eating apples for five days and things seem to be going well. He is not as eager to eat the applesauce as he is when we feed him pears, but he does eat it, and more importantly, things are staying down! I finally got a whole pear this week and peeled it and sliced it up for Nathan. He loved it! I had put this off beacuse of a fear of him choking on it... Nathan had a hard time eating real solid food prior to his EE diagnosis. Which now we know was due to the inflammation in his esophagus because of the EE! Being a first time mom, I just thought it was a normal part of learning different food textures, in the back of my mind it didn't quite make sense as often as Nathan would choke and gag on things, but I didn't have any reason to think otherwise at the time. Hindsight sure is 20/20! No problems with the bites of pear getting down his little esophagus! I cut the pear in slices and let him take bites, he was very proud of himself you could tell! Pear juice was dripping down his chin and he was smiling from ear to ear!

Smiling big after his first bite of a whole pear:

Patiently waiting for more:


  1. so sweet! he is definatley getting bigger!

  2. He sure is! I can't believe how fast he is gaining on EleCare, Apples, and Pears only! He is a good boy and is doing wonderfully drinking his EleCare these days and it sure shows!