Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today's visit with Dr. Williams went well. Nathan is up to 25.4 pounds which we gratefully thank his feeding tube for! Our thoughts about Nathan getting a G-tube soon were right on. Before we could even tell Dr. Williams that we have been discussing it, he said he thought it should be done during his next scope. We are thankful to have a doctor who is on the same page that we are on! Dr. Williams is an amazing doctor and we know that he truly wants what is best for Nathan.

So now we are waiting to hear from the nurse to schedule his scope/biopsies & surgery to place the G-tube in his stomach. Dr. Williams plan is to schedule it for a Monday and have Nathan discharged from the hospital by Wednesday the same week. There are risks involved with the G-tube, but all are a fairly small percentage. We are praying that things go smoothly and he heals quickly. Nathan will require sponge baths for two weeks after the surgery, and then after 8 weeks the G-tube will be switched out to a flat "button" like port on his stomach. He will be able to go swimming and do all of the other fun things kids his age do this summer once it heals! :o) We are thankful for that, as we have a vacation planned at the beach with friends in September!

Mark and I are doing well with this news, as it was something we could tell was in Nathan's future with how much we were relying on the NG tube. It's a big help being mentally prepared for hearing this kind of stuff when it's time to do it. It's still not a pleasant idea, nor is it going to be a worry-free time for us now counting the days until it happens. But hearing from so many others that have children that have needed G-tubes and hearing that life is better with them over the NG tube helps greatly!

Here is a diagram of a G-tube, for those of you who may not be familiar:


  1. aww, i know this is news that is not easy to hear, but at the same time probably an answer to prayer in some ways. I know when it is all said and done you will be able to sleep better at night. From what i understand about the G tube, once you get through the healing of the initial surgery your life will be much easier (relitivley speaking of course) My prayer for Nathan will be that this is a short chapter, that as he gets bigger you guys are VERY EASILY able to transition to a healthy diet for him. I hope when you look back at this time, although chalenging, it will just seem like a short minute and through your trials you are able to be a great help to others and to this cause.
    YOU ARE A HERO!!!!! and don't forget it!

    bebe.........if i post this like 100 times sorry i am having difficulties :)

  2. Thank you Bebe! You are too sweet!

  3. Hello! My son is 21 months old and also has EOE. We went through this process with the g-tube and it will make your life and your son's a lot easier I promise. The risks are small and the procesdure is really fast. So I am sending you some virtual hugs and encouragement your way. The toughest part will be the first few days in hospital and then as the area heals, we had the nurses give our son pain meds for the first 18 hours post surgery and then he was up and running around like normal! Best of luck, thanks for your blog!

  4. Kids bounce back so crazy fast from these surgery's. I always end up so much more tired than L after his scopes:) I'm also glad that Nathan's doctor is seeing things the same way you are! Keep us posted, my prayers and extra special Eos angels are being sent your way.

  5. Thanks for the tips and kind words! I am so thankful to know that we aren't alone in this battle!