Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three More Weeks...

Until Nathan gets his G-tube and his 2nd scope and biopsies on his esophagus. We are nervous but ready to take this on. The NG tube was a shock to us at first, but we quickly adjusted and I'm sure we will do the same with this. This is just harder in the fact that it's a surgical procedure. It's very hard having Nathan going through all of this, but thanks to the love, prayers, and support from so many friends and our wonderful families we are finding the strength we need to get through each new obstacle/task.

I realized today that it has only been two months since we got Nathan's diagnosis. It seems like so much longer because of all that Nathan has been through in the last eight weeks. He is such an amazing little boy and we are so proud to be his parents. I look forward to the day when we can talk to him about all of this and he can understand what is going on. It's difficult putting him through so much and not being able to explain it to him. It helps that he continues to laugh, smile, and play just like he always has... so we know things aren't getting him down. His attitude is going to take him far in life!

Changing the subject... Nathan's new super mini backpack for his feeding pump came yesterday!!! It's so much better than the first one he had that was almost as big as he is! He can actually walk around and play in this one and it doesn't affect his balance at all! :o)

Food update: Nathan has been enjoying squash since Wednesday and so far so good! We are still feeding him pears and occasionally bananas. I am a bit worried that the bananas are the culprit of his diarrhea he has from time to time, but we are still "testing" them out. We are praying that his biopsies show a complete reduction in his eosinophil count (meaning ZERO) in his esophagus so that he can keep these few foods in his diet and continue to add more!


  1. I love that backpack--it's adorable! And a big yahoo!! for squash.

  2. We love it too... and thank goodness Nathan doesn't mind it one bit! As hard as all of this is on us, he makes it as easy as possible being such a laid back boy! We couldn't have asked for a better kid!