Monday, May 23, 2011

Waiting For Tomorrow...

Nathan's appointment with his GI doctor (Dr. Williams) is in the morning. Mark and I are so ready to see him again and talk about what is in the plan for Nathan over the next few weeks. We know that we will schedule a date in the beginning of June for his next scope/biopsies for sure. But we are unsure about what he will suggest about the G-tube. Nathan got the first NG tube placed on April 10th, and for the last few weeks he has been averaging only 8-10 ounces of his EleCare by mouth daily. Mark and I are relying heavily on the feeding tube to give him his nutrition.

Dr. Williams originally said that he typically only uses the NG tube for 4-6 weeks and well, the 6 week mark is fast approaching. As I've said before, Mark and I are ready to take this next step in this crazy journey of dealing with Nathan's eosinophlic esophagitis. We've got it in our mind that it will be done the same time as his scope in June, and we are hoping that Dr. Williams is on board with that too.

I will post sometime tomorrow to update on how the appointment goes. :o)

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