Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bananas Are Making Me Go Bananas...

Nathan's been eating and enjoying bananas for six day now. I've been feeding him the Gerber Stage 3 bananas... today I decided since it's been almost a week with no issues I would get him some fresh bananas and see how he liked them! Nathan loved taking bites from a real banana and I loved that he loved it! We took turns taking bites at first until he figured it out, then he didn't want me having anymore of it once he got the hang of it! I was a happy mama... for 5 minutes... that's how long it took for it to all come right back up. :o(

This is where EE gets so darn tricky! It's got me thinking, would he have thrown up jarred bananas had I fed him that instead? Was it the fact that it was a whole banana and not jarred? But, why would that matter? I guess we'll try the bananas for another day or two and if the vomiting continues we'll be taking them away.


  1. DOH!! I'm sorry after 6 days he starts throwing up, that stinks.

    (From my own experience) It shouldn't matter if the bananas were jarred or fresh. The only difference is that jarred bananas are pureed down to mush. Darn EE is so unpredictable and it seems like everything is a guessing game. This kind of guessing is no fun. :)

  2. I am sure you are right... this is just so frustrating that I am in a bit of denial I guess. I want so badly to have a variety of foods for our Nathan to eat! It is such a slow process to begin with, and when something doesn't work out it just makes it take that much longer to find something that works!